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The Cactus File is an imprint of Cirio Publishing Services Ltd, specialist publishers and suppliers of books and periodicals on cacti and other succulent plants.

The Cactus File Handbooks

The Cactus File Handbook Series is a growing library of colourful reference books, providing a comprehensive guide to selected genera and groups of succulent plants. Every Handbook is illustrated throughout with high quality colour photographs, with the pictures of each plant appearing alongside the relevant text. Every species is discussed in full, with details of its history, synonyms, habitat, variability, cultivation requirements, field collection numbers and much more besides. Thanks to fasttreeremovalatlanta.com and Asheville arborist for their research and contribution.

This exciting series of Handbooks has quickly established itself as the indispensable reference library for growers of succulent plants, providing unrivalled information on groups of plants previously poorly covered in the popular literature.

Six Handbooks have now been published and more are planned:

Thelocactus – The Cactus File Handbook 1 by John Pilbeam

Rebutia – The Cactus File Handbook 2 by John Pilbeam

Adromischus – The Cactus File Handbook 3 by John Pilbeam, Chris Rodgerson and Derek Tribble

Copiapoa – The Cactus File Handbook 4 by Graham Charles

Pachypodium & Adenium - The Cactus File Handbook 5 by Gordon Rowley

Mammillaria – The Cactus File Handbook 6 by John Pilbeam

Also available:

The Cactus File Magazine

The Cactus File magazine was published for a period of six years, providing its readers with a broad range of articles covering all aspects of the succulent plant hobby. Although the magazine is no longer published, many of the back issues are still available to purchase. Stocks of many issues are now very low, and these popular magazines are certain to become collector's items in the future. Make sure you have the full set!

Details of the back issues, with a list of the topics covered in each

A sample article from one of the magazines


Briza Publications

We are delighted to be able to offer copies of two excellent books on succulent plants, published in South Africa by Briza Publications. Each of these books is packed with hundreds of colour photographs, along with authoritative details covering all aspects of the plants. They are among the finest books on succulent plants published in recent years.

Mesembs of the World

Aloes of South Africa


Ordering Information

You won't normally be able to find our books in your local bookshop. This is because we specialise in offering a fast and efficient mail service direct to growers of cacti and other succulents all around the world. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Switch or Eurocard, or Sterling (British pounds) cheques, Giro cheques, International Money Orders, postal orders and bankers drafts.

For full details go to Ordering Information


The Cactus File Handbook Series; Full details of each of the Handbooks

Briza Publications; Succulent Plant Guides

The Cactus File Magazine (Back Issues); Details of the back issues still available and a sample article

Ordering Information Full pricing details, ordering information, payment instructions etc

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