Guide to the Aloes of South Africa

This colourful guide to the Aloes of South Africa describes and illustrates in full colour the 125 species of the region. A page of text on each species, along with accompanying pictures of the plant and its flowers, provides the reader with a broad range of information and detail about the plants.

The species are divided into ten groups based upon vegetative habit and character, as follows: tree aloes; single-stemmed aloes; multistemmed aloes; rambling aloes; creeping aloes; stemless aloes; speckled aloes; spotted aloes; dwarf aloes; grass aloes. These artificial groups have been created to enable readers to locate in the book plants of the type that they are attempting to identify.

The text for each species includes a detailed description of the plant, inflorescence and flowers; specific information on flowering time in habitat; a discussion of the relationships to other species; details of the conservation status of the plants; a general discussion on requirements in cultivation, or other relevant topics; the common name of the plant; and text and a small map giving information on the habitat distribution.

Additional chapters in this very readable and informative publication include: 'Aloe-like plants'; 'Medicinal uses'; 'Cosmetic uses'; 'Conservation'; 'Cultivation'; 'Pests and diseases'; 'Hybrids'; and the 'Illustrated glossary'.

Written by Ben-Erik van Wyk from the Department of Botany at the Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, and Gideon Smith from the National Botanical Institute, Pretoria, this book provides an excellent guide to the Aloes of South Africa. We cannot recommend it too highly – the modern and colourful format, the high quality illustrations and the quality of the text combine to make this one of the best books ever published on this popular group of plants.

302pp, 240x167mm, hardbound.
Publisher: Briza Publications, South Africa.
Illustrated in full colour throughout, with 405 colour photographs and 135 distribution maps.
Published 1996.

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