Succulent Plant Guides by Briza Publications, now available from the publishers of The Cactus File

Briza Publications is a publishing house based in Pretoria, South Africa. They have recently published two very successful titles, both of which deal with popular groups of succulent plants.

The majority of the authors and contributors to these books are based at the National Botanical Institute (also based in Pretoria), and the publication of the books is undertaken with the support of the NBI.

These are among the finest and most useful of succulent plant books to have been published in recent years. All of the plants discussed in these titles are illustrated in full colour, and most are in full flower. The illustrations are of mature plants, many of which are shown growing in their natural habitat.

We are very pleased to be able to offer these modern, attractive and information-packed titles. They are major reference works, with information to appeal to all levels of collector – from the keen amateur to the serious student – and will certainly be viewed as important contributions to the literature on succulent plants. These books are available direct from the publishers of The Cactus File, and are ready for immediate despatch anywhere in the world.

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