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The Cactus File magazine was published quarterly over a period of six years, from 1991 to early 1997, and during that time it gained a worldwide reputation among enthusiasts for publishing a broad range of articles covering all types of succulent plants. Published in A4 format, with lots of large, colour photographs, the articles offer entertaining and informative reading to hobbyists everywhere. Although the magazine is no longer published, we are still able to offer many of the back issues.

The magazine is based around a selection of easy to read articles covering a broad selection of cacti and other succulent plants. Each issue contains around a dozen articles which are specially selected to ensure that there is always plenty to interest every cactus and succulent enthusiast – from keen beginners through to those experienced growers who know that there is always something new to learn about our absorbing hobby.

The majority of articles are directly plant-related, and concentrate on those aspects that are of particular interest to the amateur grower – cultivation, propagation, new discoveries, plants in habitat, and the correct naming of plants. (A sample article from the magazine is reproduced here for your enjoyment.)

Even items that are not primarily about cultivation normally include hints and tips on this vital subject. Extensive use is made of illustrations, including high quality colour photographs of plants, both in cultivation and habitat.

The Cactus File was fortunate to include among its authors many well known and expert growers, both from the UK and overseas, keen to pass on their practical knowledge gained from years of growing and studying succulent plants of all types. Reap the benefits of their experience – order your back issues today.

Although we did not set out to produce a 'part work' when we designed The Cactus File, we find that cactus and succulent plant growers are keen to get hold of as many issues as possible, for they find the magazine to be an informative and entertaining reference guide. Unfortunately some of the early issues are now out of print, and stocks of others are getting very low, so don't delay if you want to expand your library with a selection of back issues.

A range of back issues of The Cactus File are still available at £2.95 per issue in the UK, or £3.50 rest of world. Those issues listed below are available from stock (all non-listed issues are now out of print and no longer available). See the Ordering Information page for details of how to order.

February 1997 (Vol. 2, No. 12) Small packages (smaller growing plants); Two
cacti in one – Hylocalycium; Delightful Dudleyas; More climbing with Alfred Lau; Some Madagascan Euphorbias; Book reviews; The genus Pediocactus – part 3; One macro and two micros; Index to volume 2.

November 1996 (Vol. 2, No. 11) Gymnocalycium pflanzii; Cintia; Aeonium smithii; Ancistrocactus; Pediocactus; Opuntia invicta; Aloe pachygaster; Amazing Haworthia hybrids; Mammillaria senilis; Asclepiad nauseum.

August 1996 (Vol. 2, No.10) Aztekium ritteri; Mammillaria – Series Longiflorae; Euphorbia panchganiensis; Pachypodium namaquanum; Echinocereus laui; Pediocactus simpsonii; Euphorbia; Rebutia – Subgenus Mediolobivia; Epiphytes and Parasites; Mammillaria rubrograndis.

May 1996 (Vol. 2, No. 9) Haworthia – Section Retusae; Opuntia pentlandii; Hardy succulents – Aloes; People and their plants – Alonso Garcia Luna; Cedros Island; Ceropegia conrathii; Obregonia denegrii; A Michoacan family; Sulcorebutias; Book reviews; Mammillaria tezontle.

February 1996 (Vol 2, No. 8) Geohintonia mexicana; Aztekium hintonii; Graptopetalum; A Scot in Mexico; The collection of Colin Norton; Frailea; Melocactus; Collectors' acronyms; Pediocactus nigrispinus; Echinocereus cinerascens.

November 1995 (Vol 2, No. 7) Mammillarias of Baja; Aloe longistyla; Huernia; Parodia; Succulents on the Internet; Gibbaeum album, Alfred Lau; Echinocereus chisoensis; Ariocarpus.

August 1995 (Vol 2, No. 6) Cristate cacti; Adromischus herrei; Hardy mesembs; Private collection visit; Rebutia; Mammillaria; Bushmanland; Echinocereus sciurus; Helia Bravo Hollis.

May 1995 (Vol 2, No. 5) Euphorbia; Echinopsis; Hardy Agaves; Ceropegia; Mammillaria; Aporocactus; Echinocereus polyacanthus.

February 1995 (Vol 2, No. 4) Aeonium; Mammillaria pectinifera; Opuntia; Euphorbia; Mammillaria; Parodia; Brachystelma; Rebutia; Echinocereus; Strombocactus.

November 1994 (Vol 2, No. 3) Gymnocalycium; Mammillaria hernandezii; Kedrostis; Orbea; Echinocereus; Dudley Gold; Pinguicula; red spider; Mexico.

August 1994 (Vol 2, No. 2) Mexico; Rebutia; Echeveria; Lophophora; CactusBase; Echinocereus; Southfield Nurseries; cacti & succulents in cross stitch.

May 1994 (Vol 2, No. 1) Anacampseros; Toumeya; Mammillaria; Bolivia; Lobivias; Frerea; Kalanchoe; Mexico; Thelocactus.

February 1994 (Vol 1, No. 12) Baobab; Coryphantha; Echinocereus; Mammillaria; Lithops; western flower thrip; Parodia; Tridentea; index to Vol 1.

November 1993 (Vol 1, No. 11) Kalanchoe; Matucana; Normanbokea; Othonna; Madagascar; Pediocactus; Aloe hybrids; Epithelantha; vine weevil.

August 1993 (Vol 1, No. 10) Crassulaceae; pesticides; Mammillaria; Duvalia;
Sulcorebutia; Strombocactus; Lithops; Euphorbia.

August 1992 (Vol 1, No. 6) Astrophytum; Machaerocereus eruca; Agave; Weingartia; Dorstenia; Echeveria subrigida; Geohintonia and Aztekium hintonii; Baja California; Pachycormus discolor; Haworthia.

May 1992 (Vol 1, No. 5) Red Rock Canyon; Cerei; Melocactus; Sulcorebutia;
Mammillaria; Pachypodium brevicaule; Haworthia; Echinocereus; Sarcocaulon; hybrid cacti; Sclerocactus mesae-verdae; Escobaria; propagation.

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