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The Agave

The Agave is a form of Cacti grown primarily in  Mexico and the Southwestern United States.  They are rosette plants that live for several to many years before flowering.  Each rosette will flower only once then die.  The English name for these plants is “century plant” die to the mistaken belief that these the Agave live for one hundred years before flowering.  In fact, many of the smaller species of Agave flower after three or four years.  Some of the larger plants take forty to fifty years to mature and flower.  Agave can be planted outdoors in mild climates, especially those that are semiarid.  If you do not live in such a climate, do not worry.  Agave can be grown in greenhouses and the smaller versions make great potting plants.  If you live in an area with harsh winters, you may plant agave outdoors during the summer months and move it inside for the winter.

Where to Buy an Agave

There are several great websites online where you can buy an Agave plant or seeds. Offers  several types of Agave plants for sale in various sizes.  Prices begin at $29.95 for one gallon plants and increase to $149.99 for ten gallon plants.  Offers a variety of different Agave.  They ship all over the country using UPS Ground.  Prices begin at $19.95 and go up to $49.95 depending on the tyoe of Agave you are interested in. A nursery that specializes in Agave and Yucca.  They offer all different types of Agave starting at $42.00.

Why Buy and Agave

Agave are beautiful plants that reward the hard work and time of their owners by growing into stunning adult plants.  Aside from being beautiful, the flowers that eventually bloom on the Agave plant are also edible.  During its final blooming season the Agave produces several pounds of these edible flowers.  The stalks, and sap are also edible.  The stalks can be roasted and chewed, much like sugar cane.  The sap is what the Agave is most famous for.  It is the main ingredient used to make Tequila.  Attempting to harvest your Agave to make Tequila is not recommended as it is very difficult and very expensive.  Although, brewing your own Tequila is not recommended, the Agave offers planty of other functions making it an attractive plant to own.  They are not difficult to take care of and reward their owners with beautiful edible flowers before they die.  Agave make excellent additions to any garden.

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