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Hylocereus: The Dragon Fruit

Most people don’t realize that the beautiful, delicious, Dragon Fruit grows on a climbing cactus species called the Hylocereus.  This is an extremely unusual form of cactus.  It is terrestrial, meaning it “climbs”, growing to heights exceeding thirty feet.  Its fleshy stem will climb up and over walls and trees using aerial roots.  The cactus has extravagant flowers and the fruit has s stunning, intense color, odd shape, and delicious taste.  The night blooming flowers a are white in color and can be up to fourteen inches long.  The only bloom at night and generally last only one night long.  The Dragon Fruit itself is often cut in half and eaten chilled.  The is used to make a variety of flavored drinks.  It is recommended that these plants be grown in soil supplemented with high amounts of organic material.  It can be grown successfully in sandy soils.  In hot climates providing some shade is recommended.

Where to Buy the Hylocereus 

If you are interested in adding the Hylocereus to your garden there are a couple websites selling both the seeds and the potted plants. 20 seed’s available for $2.00.  Fruiting size plants available for $14.99 50 seeds available for $75.00; 100 seeds available for $120.00; 1000 seeds available for $600.00. Cuttings available for $75.00 and whole plants available for $120.00.


Why Buy A Hylocereus

This cactus is a must have for any gardener with a flair for the beautiful and the unusual.  While its large, cumbersome size make it impossible to pot and difficult to grow in a greenhouse, its quick growth rate, beautiful flowers and scrumptious fruit make it an amazing addition to any garden.  This plant is a definite conversation started due to its imposing size and magnificent fauna and fruit.  Hylocereus’ flowers will provide a beautiful splash of color to your garden.  You get the added bonus of getting to pick and eat the delicious fruit.  This is a hard plant  to come by but is worth the money and hard work.  Impress your friends with this magnificent cactus while sipping on a delicious, refreshing,  passion fruit drink.

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